​A complicated beauty..

Two gorgeously attractive women having coffee on a highly furnished cafe. The one with a pen held open is writing down an unfinished draft and has now arrived for an open discussion with her good friend. It is the exact freedom of conversation could be obtained from her friend. Her friend looks prepared for it, while the writer starts a conversation…

Lady 1: The first feel that comes after this word is uttered would seemingly be sordid to anyone. The Reason being that an introvertish attitude with every individual hasn’t evolved much to initiate a conversation between the individuals regularly met. Unless a professionally bankable status is obtained the bold sense of authority to opine about sexuality would seem suppressive. If this has to open wearing the shoes of a normal woman, it isn’t easy as supposed, if it was my boyfriend I wouldn’t be comfortably open or if it was someone else then certainly there is no option at all for a conversation. I won’t be even allowed to enter a circle of men for that, not even women. He gets pointgant about it. At times I would feel that being free living bachelorette like you is the best ever thing would never happen to me again.
Lady 2: “A free living bachelorette” as you easily termed; it is way too easier for me to be a victim of the same term redefined and finally entitled as “slut.” Publicly speaking. It’s certainly not the ‘sexting’ sort of type I would indulge at this point, no definitely not. That’s something any girl could do or its just not my taste for sensuality I’d rather get in the club and go for a dance with a hoody. Speaking of going out for the club with a guy or have a dinner with a male friend and that is all necessary for people to make up gossips ending up calling the girl a slut. Maybe not directly but would term in a way that she herself feels like one. 
Lady 1: True my friend. The hardest part is to remove and to prove this undesirable label wrong. It is not only tough for a bachelorette but also for a married women working on a white collared society. They easily hook up the same term with the real time women of that type who gets attracted to the interest of a married guy and then goes raving all night long. So what is that’s exactly termed as ‘slut’ and why is that given out? What is it called for a guy who does the same cheating his wife? 
Lady 2: there is absolutely, one hundred percent guaranteed that not in this world there would be a term to label a guy which is as equally cheap as the word slut. But there are guys who come on the kind where hooks up with fancy girls, taps and just goes inside his bedroom with his wife and with no sense of guilt, not one bit. Do you know why is that? Because it’s a man’s world and the worst part is to be a woman. The best part is to be a one type of woman, making men fall under her feet completely dominated by utilising her strength to manipulate his weaknesses and if perfectly executed then it’s a man’s world under a woman’s feet.
Lady 1: and that is exactly how my protagonist of the movie is going to be. She is an independent young girl trapped in a situation with a guy who is not her boyfriend but a close friend of her, both are inside one room with a strong silence left out after a deep conversation. The conversation was all about how he missed out to say that he loves and cares for her more than her boyfriend does, he tries to convey her at the wrong time. He began and still stands at the same point with same intensity stating, “I know it’s not going to be right for anyone but it’s going to be completely good for you my dear.” She is going to get married to a guy who isn’t that loving person like he was once before and she feels insecured to be his wife where she has her close friend with him right next to her proposing his honest feelings for her. Either she should have not come to meet him or should have not shared her personal feelings but right now she is totally confused about the society, her family, her boyfriend, and everything around her but she is totally clear about one fact, which is; if she had an option to live a life where she wants to be happy for the next sixty years of life with someone who doesn’t care about anybody but her she would have done something unusual which everyone else would seem unusual. Which is she kisses her close friend who proposed. The clip ends. And how’s that?
Lady 2: wowww.. sounds controversially beautiful.
(Phone rings)
Lady 1: heyy, long time my friend how are you
Caller ( male voice): Hey… I need to say you something, something that might not be right for anyone else but it is completely going to be good for you,so please I need to see you… 
Lady 1 shocked and ends the call and she writes down- “I love to be a woman, because women are every bit complicated and that’s what men really hate and love about us.”